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HPE Security Fortify saves you time and money by proactively mitigating risk during the entire application development process. Fortify identifies potential vulnerabilities before they turn into cybercrime. It’s the only solution that protects enterprise software from security vulnerabilities throughout the entire life cycle — development, testing, release, production, and every element in between. Fortify static, interactive, and runtime security testing technologies are available on demand or through other licensing models.

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Protect your code during DevOps.

Manage risk and mitigate threats. When Nth Generation helps you customize an HPE Security Fortify solution, you benefit from the most comprehensive static and dynamic testing technologies based on solid HPE security research. Integrating protection early in your development process helps you find issues before the repair costs can get out of hand. Fortify not only helps with your own DevOps process, it also validates the security of third-party software and custom-built applications.

A holistic security package that offers expert support.

Nth Generation and Fortify are with you for the long haul. Fortify is an end-to-end application security solution that's backed by HPE experts who support you as you manage your own installation.


Find security bugs and issues early in the DevOps life cycle when they are inexpensive to repair.


When multiple issues arise, identify the ones posing the highest risks.

Mitigate primary vulnerabilities and cycle fixes back into the process to thwart future issues.


HPE Security Fortify software has helped us realize our product’s security strategy. It helps us detect issues early in the development life cycle. This is essential for us, because the earlier we find vulnerabilities, the more efficiently we can repair them. I can definitely say that HPE Security Fortify software has helped SAP in producing more secure code.

- Uwe Sodan, TIP Security, Engineering Excellence in Education, Code Analysis Team Manager, SAP

Address security issues before they become problems.
Ensure a safe application launch.

Although 99% of people surveyed agree that DevOps is an opportunity to improve application security, only 20% are actually implementing application security testing during development.* This means that apps and business are more vulnerable to cyberattack than ever before. Not only that, when security issues become coded into your application and released to users, you can incur significant expenses to repair them. Integrating HPE Fortify Security early and often into your DevOps life cycle costs less in the long term and helps maintain your reputation for producing safe code.

*HPE, “AppSec and DevOps research survey: What’s the true state of application security in DevOps environments?”

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Fortify on premise:

Using your own in-house staff and allowing for custom code, you can run Fortify in your own location — which gives you more control over when and how you utilize its features.

Fortify on demand:

If your enterprise doesn't have on-staff application security resources, you can benefit from Fortify on Demand:

  • Implemented in the cloud.

  • Team of Fortify professionals assist in finalizing the report following the tool being run. There can be false positives that the professionals weed out.

  • Reduce time.

  • Reduce cost.

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