Leverage Machine Learning for Flash Storage

Predict and Prevent Storage Issues Across Your Infrastructure


proven availability

across the entire Nimble installed base.2


of issues resolved before you even know there’s a problem.1



on all flash storage.

'Blockbuster' Storage Capacity Efficiency Guarantee


1 “Redefining the standard for system availability,” Hewlett Packard Enterprises, August 2017.

2 HPE Get 6-Nines Guarantee, HPE Nimble Storage, September 2017

Tech Target:

Awarded Gold Level:

 Best Enterprise Storage Product of 2018


Global Visibility and Learning

HPE InfoSight watches over your infrastructure 24 / 7, so that you don’t have to.

Get some time back in your day!

See Across Your Infrastructure. HPE InfoSight eliminates headaches and wasted time by transforming how storage and virtual infrastructure is managed and supported. Through cloud-based predictive analytics and machine learning, it analyzes millions of sensors every second to prevent potential issues.


Simplify Planning. Take the guess work out of planning. Accurately predict capacity, performance, and bandwidth needs. Explore multiple scenarios using models derived through installed-based learning.

Storage Gets Smarter. Every system gets better and more reliable by learning from the collective insights and experiences of the installed base.


Cloud ready when you are ready

Experience Hybrid IT. Easily move data between the public cloud and your data center with HPE Cloud Volumes.


Cloud on-ramp

Avoid slow, manual migrations. Easily on-ramp, move, and backup data between your data center and multiple clouds with HPE Cloud Volumes.

No lock-in

Prevent lock-in and large data egress charges. Enterprise-grade multicloud storage  service supports applications in public cloud entities, such as AWS and Azure.


Millions of times more durable than native cloud elastic block storage. Includes data center-to-cloud replication, instant snapshots and clones, and app-granular, FIPS-certified encryption providing over-the-wire protection.  Secure data shredding is built-in.


Put your backup data to work with Nimble Storage and Veeam Software.

By adding high-performance flash storage to a capacity-optimized architecture, it provides a unique backup platform that lets you put your backup data to work.

Nimble Secondary Flash array uses flash performance to provide both near-instant backup and recovery from any primary storage system. It is a single device for backup, disaster recovery, and even local archiving. By using flash, you can accomplish real work such as dev/test, QA, and analytics. Deep integration with Veeam’s leading backup software simplifies data lifecycle management and provides a path to cloud archiving.



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