You don’t need a bigger data center.

You need a smarter one. 


in data center devices.*



 in storage.*


increase in time

for innovation***

Restore or clone a 1TB VM in under 60 seconds: 57% of customers reduced recovery time from hours or days to minutes.**

*"The Total Economic Impact™ of SimpliVity Hyperconverged Infrastructure," Forrester Research, Inc.

**" IDC Operational Efficiency White paper,  August 2018" Accessed 12/12/18

Read this TechTarget whitepaper to compare the architectural approaches and hyperconverged products from Cisco, NetApp, Nutanix, and HPE.

As your data and your computing needs grow exponentially, superior efficiency and reliability are more vital than ever in order to lower cost and increase agility. Nth Generation's clients are moving to a hyperconverged data solution that optimizes efficiencies throughout IT and automates manual processes. Globally duplicate, compress, and optimize all data at inception while maintaining an efficient state through all points in time and between data centers. HPE SimpliVity, a strong, elegant hyperconverged platform that combines the most complete enterprise-grade hyperconverged solution on the market with the world's bestselling server.

Learn to depend
on HPE SimpliVity
for efficiency and reliability.

SimpliVity is hyperconvergence at its smartest.

When you choose SimpliVity partnered with Nth Generation for data center hyperconvergence, you’ll be engaging with thoughtful problem solvers offering the latest and most powerful iteration of cloud-based solutions. SimpliVity hyperconvergence consolidates server compute, storage, network switch, hypervisor, data protection, data efficiency, and global management into a simple, scalable infrastructure solution that increases agility and reduces costs.

100% of data. 100% of the time with SimpliVity.


Nth Generation partners
with you to minimize your data center footprint by consolidating the IT infrastructure below the hypervisor on a scalable x86 platform — reducing your data center devices by 10:1.


You’ll find data protection built into the SimpliVity architecture for automated disaster recovery. This ultra-efficient solution decreases storage and bandwidth requirements, resulting in more recovery points and enhanced VM protection.

Decrease costs and hardware while gaining more virtual desktops, all without giving up performance or resiliency. You can restore or clone a VM with three or fewer clicks, add nodes when you deploy new desktops, and globally back up and restore data.


Hyperconvergence Guide:

Put your entire virtualized infrastructure and advanced data services

into one integrated powerhouse.

This easy-to-understand guide will help you:

  • Understand the basic tenets of hyperconvergence and the software-defined data canter

  • Solve for common virtualization roadblocks

  • Identify 3 things modern businesses want from IT

  • Apply 7 hyperconverged tactics to your existing infrastructure now

One Fortune 50 company uses SimpliVity to dramatically reduce their global data center footprint.


It consolidated from 6 to 3 data centers. In one DC, it decreased from 34 to 3 racks.

HPE SimpliVity data architecture:

  • Data efficiency
    Reduce data center storage, bandwidth, and IOPS requirements.

  • Deduplication
    Minimize backup and replication process time while keeping networks protected.

  • Compression
    Save storage capacity and retain high performance.

  • Optimization
    Increase resource utilization for data scaling.

Benefits include:

  • Dramatic bandwidth and cost reduction.

  • Enhanced data mobility with reduced security risk.

  • Efficient storage utilization with reduced power, cooling, and space.

  • Enhanced performance with improved agility and time to production.

  • Maximized uptime and data loss prevention.

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Discover financing options and the new economics of IT.

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