Composable Infrastructure is here.

Prepare for the future of server technology — today.

As the server landscape rapidly changes, current HPE BladeSystem will retire in the next three to five years. Nth Generation wants to help you evolve and stay ahead of the competition — 
composable infrastructure.



in time performing firmware updates.1



to create a new OS volume using HPE Synergy Image Streamer.2


lower cost

per VM than public cloud.3


1. Based on HPE Labs internal testing, April 2017.

2. Third-party testing completed by Tolly Enterprises, LLC, May 2017.

3. Based on CloudGenera workload placement engine and available public cloud pricing, configurations, and unit pricing for public provider comparison, April 17, 2017.


Fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric resources.


Reconfigure your entire infrastructure with simple lines of code.


Deploy virtual and physical servers and infrastructure in minutes, not days.

Reduce Cost + Increase Profits


Transform ideas into products, services, or applications with a developer-friendly infrastructure that is fully programmable — empowering you to continuously build, test, and deploy at lightning speed. With legacy infrastructures becoming expensive and unsustainable, Synergy elevates your business to increase productivity and control across the data center and reduce operational effort cost.

It’s as if a child’s set of Lego bricks came with the ability to replicate blocks as needed and programmed instructions to configure those blocks into a ninja temple today and a working race car tomorrow.

- Frost and Sullivan

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"With its superior provisioning, simple management, and flexible capacity, Synergy provides you with significant cost savings and investment protection. It is truly the best-in-class platform for an agile IT to best serve your business for the next decade.

With the advantages offered by HPE Synergy, delivered by Nth Generation professional services, we are poised to help you discover the 'Right Mix' of IT solutions and services in an ever-changing landscape."

-Jim Westover, Nth Generation Solution Architect and Synergy Specialist

Smart, future-proof infrastructure relies on pooled resources.

Imagine infrastructure so intelligent, it can adapt to every workload and deliver services at lightning speed. Provision IT the way you want it, when you want it, through a platform that automates operations. That’s Composable Infrastructure. That’s the future, now.

drives Synergy compute modules.

The features found in the


can be summarized into three general categories: orchestration, security, and performance.


With Resource Director, the processor can more efficiently and dynamically manage resources like cache and memory.


Existing processor features have been augmented with new instructions,resulting in an encryption performance boost of up to 70 percent.The processors provide more secure key generation with non‐deterministic key generation.


Intel’s processor lineup provides a number of performance enhancements, including the ability for scaleout workloads to achieve higher turbo speeds without being capped. Plus, with support for high‐speed DDR4,  ystems can achieve up to an 8 percent increase in performance.

How to evaluate Composable Infrastructure

Following are nine key pillars to a successful outcome when evaluating Composable Infrastructures:

  • Performance and scale equivalent or an improvement to existing outcomes — e.g., Converged Systems and HCI Systems.

  • Application breadth beyond current implementations.

  • Flexible, dynamic configurations that enhance and upgrade converged infrastructures.

  • Array of component choices among the pool of resources (including timely advances).

  • High agility through dynamic, rapid provisioning for DevOps and the digital business.

  • Optimized tunable resources allocated to business owners and developers.

  • Systemwide resiliency from aggregated resources according to application policies.

  • Health and performance monitoring through the system life cycle.

  • An open API ecosystem for hybrid cloud, management, and automation.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise specializations include Platinum: Converged Infrastructure, Networking, Software; Gold: Application Delivery Management, ArcSight, Big Data, Cloud Builder, Information Governance, Information Management, IT Operations Management, Networking, Security, Server, Service Provider, Services, Storage; Silver: Application Delivery Management, Big Data, Information Management & Governance, IT Operations Management, Networking, Security, Server, Service Provider, Services, Storage, Technology Partner.


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